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The Smartnaso is here.

The new flexible naso designed and manufactured by Scott Electronics. The perfect equipment for the most demanding professional users as it provides unprecedented image quality. The Smartnaso product range has two models: with Strobo Light Mode or Constant Light Mode. Built-in light source and micro camera, innovative and ergonomic design. The Smartnaso brings cutting-edge technology in the palms of your hands.

1 year warranty against manufacturer defect, which can be extended for the light source. Technical assistance in Brazil.

LED High Performance Light Source.

High quality and full screen image.

Anti-blur system, SCOTT Smart Lens.


In details

1 flexible naso (3.4mm), cable connector, hi-resolution micro-camera and light source (gallium cyanide LED lighting system). The Smartnaso end point has a microchip which has three functions:
‏ ‏
• Light Source
• Micro-camera
• Smart Lens

Smartnaso with Strobo Light Mode:
The strobo light flashes accordingly to the patient’s voice, and can be adjusted with slow motion (up to 80 speed) and freeze mode through the auxiliary pedal.

Smartnaso with Constant Light Mode:
For traditional video laryngoscopy process.

The Smartnaso comes with:
1 User Manual
1 Warranty Certificate
1 Exclusive Case to protect your Smartnaso


Compatible with TVs, monitors, video-printers, DVD recorder, desktop, notebook. (A video capture card may need to be acquired in order to use desktops and notebooks ).